NorthPoint Music Production Company

Who we are ?

NorthPoint Productions I/S is a Danish music production company which was founded in 1999 by producer and composer André Andersen. We are a team of proven professionals with more than 30 years of experience in music production. The company began as a recording studio serving the needs of various danish artists including a well known metal band Royal Hunt.

What music do we produce? 

From hard rock and heavy metal productions the scope of our engagement expanded  to creation of music for TV series, films, and video games.

We also produce contemporary classical projects and compose signature themes for artists and organizations.

Whom do we work with?

We serve for business and private needs. Whether you are an artist, an organization or a music enthusiast – we’re here for you.

Your music production.

Finally, we advise and assist in music production.  Get in touch with us for any questions you might have.

We will  assess your needs and provide you with a customised and competitive quote.

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When it comes to music production – choose proven experts.


Audio branding

Attract new customers with a pleasant tune expressing the idea behind your brand and make them stay for years.
Based on your statistical data we create audio-dna and audio-logo that match sound preferences of your target audience.

Composing: Rock/Metal, Pop, J-Rock, Soundtrack, Classical

Do you need a proper song composed professionally? We specialise in rock / metal, pop, j-rock, soundtrack and classical genre.

Arranging / producing

Have you written a song ? We will assist in arranging and making it a complete masterpiece.


We advise on music production.

Professional studio musicians / voice-over artists

An instant access to professional studio musicians and experienced voice-over artists who are ready to quickly record your own material.

Professional studio recording

Do you need a professionally sounding record made quickly and assambled properly ? We sit close to Copenhagen Centrum, Amager and Gladsaxe.

Mixing and Mastering

Professional mixing and / or mastering, postproduction. Preparing of your musical product exactly for your listener.

TV / Film soundtrack

Need a proper soundtrack for your movie or a video clip? It doesn’t take us long to tailor one in accordance with your idea.

We are always open for distant collaboration.

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Royal Hunt

Hard rock productions for the Danish band Royal Hunt have been our main concern for many years.

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We do not accept unsolicited music materials.


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We are:

André Andersen

composer & producer

Jan Eliasson

soundrefinery & post production

Peter Brander

audio mix & recording

Alexandra Andersen

production management