Royal Hunt – Paper Blood Reissue 2021


ROYAL HUNT announced a re-issued version of their 2005 studio album “Paper Blood” as a double LP and a newly designed digipak. Both are collector’s and limited editions which include bonus tracks as well as extended booklets.

Message from the band on their Facebook page:

Hey all! It´s finally summer: the sun is shining, ice cubes becoming a necessity, drinks are getting larger and even (some of) the musical entertainment is slowly but surely coming back… so let us add a little bit to all that goodness: Paper Blood ” is getting a re-release treatment. Yep, that´s right, you can go to our webshop and check it out for yourself – see, summer just got a tiny little bit more exciting!


Paper Blood – Reissue 2021:

⚈ A double orange vinyl featuring a lyrics inner sheet, two bonus tracks, housed in a 5 mm spine non-gatefold 3D (lenticular) cover. Limited edition, handnumbered copies. (Night Of The Vinyl Dead, Italy, Cat. NIGHT339)

1. Break Your Chains 5:30
2. Not My Kind 6:19
3. Memory Lane 5:18
4. Never Give Up 5.30
5. Seven Days 6:18
6. SK 983 4:39
7. Kiss Of Faith 5.16
8. Paper Blood 5.06
9. Season’s Change 4.53
10. Twice Around The World 7:15
11. Bonus Track: Long Way Home (acoustic version)
12. Bonus Track: Day in Day out (new version)

royal_hunt_paper_blood_reissue_2021 (3)-min

⚈ A collector’s edition CD featuring 4 bonus tracks in a digipak with soft touch cover incl. 12 page booklet containing lyrics and tons of archive photos from PB-era.(Northpoint Productions, Denmark. Cat.0621104-1NPP, UPS:0200000095468)

1. Break Your Chains 5:30
2. Not My Kind 6:19
3. Memory Lane 5:18
4. Never Give Up 5.30
5. Seven Days 6:18
6. SK 983 4:39
7. Kiss Of Faith 5.16
8. Paper Blood 5.06
9. Season’s Change 4.53
10. Twice Around The World 7:15
11. Bonus Track: Day In Day Out (new version)
12. Bonus Track: Never Give Up (live 2006)
13. Bonus Track: One By One (new version)
14. Bonus Track: Paper Blood (live 2006)

royal_hunt_paper_blood_reissue_2021 (1)-min

About the album.

“RH burst out with Paper Blood in 2005- a furiously melodic gem which playfully danced among 80s hard rock, prog metal, and power metal. John West charges through these tracks with an arena-ready voice of the gods and he’s the main reason why there’s an 80s flavor to this, aside from the guitar crunch and attitude. His voice isn’t quite as operatic as most power metal singers and isn’t as clean as most prog metal singers. Instead, he sounds more like a huskier Bon Jovi or any number of AOR vocalists, which isn’t a bad thing. Get it out of your head right now that that’s a bad thing.

Throughout the entire album the keyboards buzz right through your body, severing bone and muscle in the most pleasurable way possible. They’re not brutal, but the tone used is so heavy and astral that it makes you think twice about pissing on them as leading instruments. If you’re going to listen to music like this, you should expect to hear keyboards and like them in healthy quantities. The good thing is that this album loves them, but they’re not flowery and there’s a solid riff base supporting all this. I dare you to sit through any of the three instrumentals without going through the rest of your life with a brain of fried mush.

Lyrically, Paper Blood is about money and how it practically runs through all of our veins, capillaries, and arteries, figuratively speaking. It took me a while to figure out what the hell paper blood is, but when it dawned on me it was marvelous. The social consciousness prog is known for is well on display here, rest assured. Songs such as “Break Your Chains”(which was nominated for a best metal song on a list a couple years ago) and “Never Give Up” also deliver powerful messages of self-actualization and self-empowerment. We sure need that nowadays.

Royal Hunt continue to show they are a unique voice in progressive metal, striking a steady balance between brawn and elegance, retro and modern”. – review by Necrobobsledder /

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Royal Hunt – New Concept Studio Album “DYSTOPIA”

ROYAL HUNT will release their new studio album – “Dystopia” – on December 16th via King Records (Japan/SE Asia) and on December 18th via NorthPoint Productions (Europe/N & S America). A concept album offering a considerable expansion of the band´s trademark sound and featuring performances by guest vocalists: Mats Leven (Candlemass, TSO, Skyblood), Mark Boals (Y.J. Malmsteen, Ring of Fire), Henrik Brockmann (Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade, N´Tribe), Kenny Lubcke (Narita, Zoser Mez) and Alexandra Andersen (Royal Hunt, JSP).

“Dystopia” will be released in following formats: regular CD (jewel case), various Deluxe editions / bundles and a gatefold, heavy vinyl LP.

Pre-ordering campaign has started at:

ROYAL HUNT keep intriguing fans with their adventurous endeavors and the band´s 15th studio album is no exception: a monumental concept opus featuring symphonic, progressive yet hard hitting compositions full of impeccable performances, wrapped tightly into immediately accessible format and a lush, contemporary production.

The addition of some extraordinary guest singers and their outstanding performances combined with vastly extended orchestrations creates a truly conceptual, cinematic feel throughout each and every track.




J.S.P. announces digital release of their single “Again”. The song´s been written/produced by Jacob “JK” Kjaer and sung by Sasha Andersen during the lock-down-time and is the first one out of a bunch of tunes the musical duo has been working on lately.

Message from the band: “Hello everyone, as we are going through challenging times, we would like to send some positive vibes to all of you with a simple and uplifting tune – one of the songs that we’ve been working on recently.
Wish we all could shine again, see each other freely again, enjoy traveling and many more – Again! 💗
Best wishes,
Jacob and Sasha / J.S.P.

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ROYAL HUNT makes PERSONALIZED sport t-shirts for their FANS.

The band stated: “As everybody´s staying home with a very limited access to any kind of sport activities, we decided to poke a little fun on this whole situation by ordering some personalized team t-shirts… you know, the ones with your name on the back.

The original idea was to make one for each member of the band, but why – as our team reasonably asked – why not include some of our fans to the list?

Sure thing: follow the link below and become a member of our “can´t-get-out-of-the-house-but-at-least-I-got-a-smart-sporty-tshirt” team. Cheers!”



While ROYAL HUNT have isolated themselves in a studio working on the new CONCEPT album – their ENTIRE CATALOGUE has been released on digital download and streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music, etc. More information and direct links can be found at

“…go ahead, have fun during the quarantine (and beyond) – listen and share with friends… Stay safe \m/” – say bandmembers on their Facebook page.


ROYAL HUNT is in a process of recording a new concept album, scheduled for release in 2020 (Japan / SE Asia – KING Records, rest of the world – TBA). As usual, most of the production activities were moved into NorthPoint Studio while mix/mastering facilities will be appointed later. The band hints monumental conceptual offering, which supposed to expand their familiar yet constantly evolving soundscape into previously uncharted territories. With their 15th studio release, ROYAL HUNT’s dead-set to deliver a masterpiece, which should once again rise the bar for modern progressive hard rock genre.

André Andersen: “The next Royal Hunt album is in the works and – while most of it is still in a state of a “sort-of-controlled- chaos” – I´d say it´s probably our biggest production to date… the amount of tracks is simply staggering. Yes, it´s a concept album and yes, there´re some special guests on it and yes – already on this demo stage – this thing sounds huge (even by our standards). So fear not: we´re still around and we´re rocking just as hard – if not harder – as we usually do.”

ANDRÉ ANDERSEN has released his FULL SOLO DISCOGRAPHY on DIGITAL music platforms.

André Andersen’s solo studio albums “Changing Skin” (1999), “Black on Black” (2002), and “Ocean View” (2003) for the first time have been released on digital music platforms:

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⋆ Root’n’Branch ⋆ Release Date | Cover Artwork

Modern classic rock outfit N’Tribe are proud to announce release date for their first EP – “Root´n´ Branch”: April 19th (NorthPoint Productions). Tracklisting: Staring Down the Barrel ⋆ Down On My Knees ⋆ What Goes Around Comes Around ⋆ Paint It Black.

N´Tribe (yes, short for the Nordic Tribe) is a living & kicking proof that rock is not dead. This new band´s been founded in 2018 by three highly esteemed professionals – André Andersen, Jonas Larsen, Henrik Brockmann – initially bonded through their original band Royal Hunt; all participated in numerous bands/projects, all received various accolades from the industry, sold tons of albums and toured the world countless times.

Message from the band: “We´re very proud to be able to announce April 19th as the release date for our first EP – “Root´n´ Branch”. Hope you´ll enjoy our take on “contemporary classic rock”, because if you will – we have a plethora of songs, just waiting for the chance to pound on your eardrums”.

“Root’n’Branch” is available:

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Merry Christmas!


NorthPoint Productions wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to thank you for following our news and share some of the highlights of 2018 with you:

In 2018 we re-established our label, re-invented the general approach and kick-started several projects:

The latest Royal Hunt´s album ”Cast in Stone” campaign in the beginning of the year became a success; read more about the campaign´s recent updates . Album received huge worldwide appreciation.

Re-release of Royal Hunt’s debut album: “Land of Broken Hearts – Special Edition 2018” Read about “Land of Broken Hearts. Story” campaign here. During this campaign we re-discovered and re-stored some raw video footage which was shot all the way back in 1992 but never used: the band performing “Age Gone Wild” from their debut –

We also issued a re-mastered version of “Clown in the Mirror” (Royal Hunt´s second album) on all digital download platforms Vinyl version is in the works.

Now in the end of the year we launched a brand new project within the niche of modern hard rock – N’Tribe (featuring André Andersen, Jonas Larsen and Henrik Brockmann) – Their debut single has just been released on digital download platforms and more material is in production right now. Read more about N’Tribe at

But let’s get back to Christmas: if you’re still reading this post, you deserve a bonus. Use xmas30 for 30% off all Royal Hunt merch at until january 2